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"It runs on what??"



This rather sub-par domain began in...uh...2001 I believe. Why? Don't really know why. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. It's all the fault of this guy Raistrick, indirectly, and Andy, more directly (because he burned the Debian CDs for me). Long story short: I started hosting my own email server using dynamic DNS (dyndhs I think) on ... dialup. Yes. And later on ADSL. By that point I was dependent on it, and it was getting annoying keeping DNS straight and staying online. So this crap was born.

The name of the domain was chosen because, indeed, the servers were all pretty much built out of glorified piles of garbage (see below). We couldn't get anything to run reliably because of assorted hardware problems. This eventually improved, but of course the name can't really be changed so...there you go,

There are actually other domains hosted here now, as well, but the anchor is still "Anchor" is really an apt term for it, too.


Failed components

Before I started keeping track: various hard drives and cooling fans. Listed in order.

Yet to fail

Never had to replace a power supply (cooling fans IN power supplies, yes) or CPU. Not that these haven't failed in other systems!

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